Our Services

SCS Inc. provides real life solutions to your human resources problems. We offer temporary HR services Edmonton and throughout Canada.

Our head office is located in Edmonton however, our services are available nationwide.

Our temporary Human Resources services in Alberta is also available on a long-term basis at a competitive rate.

We support businesses of any size, and open to businesses looking to outsource a human resource function. We aim at offering affordable rates and the flexibility to work with a budget of any size.

SCS provides a wide range of remote or in-house Human Resources consulting services for businesses of any size across Canada. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Our tenacious associates have recruited in every industry ranging from administration to executive level positions. We aim at keeping recruitment costs at the bare minimum to achieve this. We also have experience in hiring foreign candidates, and the Labour Market Opinion (LMO) process.

    SCS Inc. offers recruitment services throughout Canada at an affordable hourly rate.


    Hourly and salaried employees for all industries including foreign workers. Extensive knowledge of drafting Labour Market Opinion (LMO) documents

  • We are resourceful in managing all facets of an employee’s life cycle. It commences from performance, disability, conflict resolution, attendance, succession planning to name a few.

    Employee Relations

    Performance Management, Disability Management, Conflict Resolution, Attendance Management, Discipline Management and Succession Planning

  • Policies are customized to your business. It covers but not limited to Business Code of Conduct, Employee Handbook, Supervisor Manual and Orientation Manual. We also have experience in enhancing a collective agreement for unionized organizations.

    Policy Development

    Business Code of Conduct, Employee Handbook, Supervisor Manual, and Orientation Manual to name just a few

  • Employee and management training is essential to maintain a successful business, and create a productive work culture. We offer training and coaching to employee and management in all areas of their work life.


    Management coaching and training on Human Resources related issues

  • Other

    IT Support is an additional service to assist businesses with their IT needs.

    Bookkeeping and Payroll – This supplementary service includes maintenance of payroll, bookkeeping, accounts receivables and payables.

    Information Technology Support

    Website development, graphic design, online marketing, business card design and printing

    Bookkeeping and Payroll (Remote)

    Payroll, bookkeeping, accounts receivables and payables, invoicing.